Cost-effective Remote / Virtual Inspection for Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Demand for Remote / Virtual QA/QC Inspection Services has escalated because of travel and COVID-19 restrictions. The use of digital tools, technology, virtual meetings, and cloud platforms is transforming delivery of QA/QC Services including Inspection, Audits, Expediting, Surveillance, Test Witnessing, and Document Review / Verification.

Leveraging our 35 years of experience in Supply Chain Quality Management, ASR has developed and deployed robust processes, procedures, and systems to ensure that Remote Inspection / Verification activities are carried out cost-effectively and efficiently.

ASR's team of qualified and highly experienced QA / QC professionals works with ASR's customers to develop and implement cost-effective customized Remote Inspection solutions in accordance with the customers’ objectives and priorities.

Benefits of Remote / Virtual Inspection

  • Increases safety during this period of widespread health-related challenges.
  • Reduces travel and per-diem expenses which reduce the inspection costs. It may also enable the customers to carry out more inspections / verifications or significantly reduce customers' CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) and OPEX (Operating Expenses).
  • Shorter response time for completion of assignments.
  • Greater scheduling flexibility.
  • Access to technical expertise and domain knowledge from a world-wide pool of Inspection professionals is greatly simplified. With real-time or near real-time access, knowledgeable and experienced experts can be connected, via the Internet or mobile/cellular, to resolve on-site issues and plan corrective/preventive actions or to carry out training.
  • Analytics can be performed on stored inspection data for improved decision making and audits.
  • A knowledge base is created which can be used for training or applying AI techniques to further improve the process and systems and knowledge sharing among the team.
  • Minimizes operational carbon footprint.
  • Support business continuity by offering alternative and effective solutions for inspection and verification activities.

While there are many benefits to Remote / Virtual Inspection, it is ASR’s experience that not all inspection activities can be effectively carried out through Remote / Virtual Inspection. In some instances it may not effectively substitute or replace the knowledge and insight garnered and issues identified through on-physical on-site inspection activities.

ASR's Value-add for Remote / Virtual Inspection

  • Since 1986, ASR has been providing Inspection Services globally. We deploy robust procedures and systems to carry out Remote Inspection assignments.
  • ASR has extensive global pool of QA / QC / Quality Management professionals / experts so that qualified and experienced resource, with expertise in the equipment being inspected, is assigned for Remote Inspection.
  • ASR’s Remote Inspection / Verification services gives customers access to our world-class inspectors with extensive experience and knowledge.
  • Because of our extensive (35 years) experience, we maintain the same high standard of service delivery for Remote/Virtual Inspection as we do for On-site inspection assignments and consistently offer best-value to our customers.
  • We understand the potential/impact of using innovative idea/systems for Inspection and have a track record of deploying state of the art systems to benefit our customers by providing cost-effective / best-value Inspection Services.
  • ASR has extensive experience of providing QA / QC / Inspection Services to a wide range of customers in oil/gas, energy, manufacturing, renewable energy, and engineering sectors. This varied experience has enabled ASR to develop and deploy a unique Remote Inspection Clusters methodology which has enabled our customers to achieve significant savings via Remote Inspection and yet achieve the same quality of service that on-site Inspection has traditionally provided.

ASR's Methodology for Remote / Virtual Inspection

ASR has developed an efficient and cost-effective process and methodology to perform Remote / Virtual Inspections, leveraging a mix of people, process, and technology.

ASR's process and methodology for performing remote / virtual inspections includes:

  • ASR inspectors perform Remote Inspection / Verification activities using smart / handheld devices with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, such as iPhones or Android-based smartphones, iPads or Android-based tablets, or laptops with cameras.
  • ASR inspectors use off-the-shelf and familiar secure audio/video communication software and services including Apple FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Skype, that are widely available and familiar to both ASR inspectors and supplier points of contact. ASR ensures that the audio/video software / service chosen is securely configured and uses end-to-end encryption.
  • ASR recommends use of a stand to hold the remote inspection smart device so that video is stabilized during the inspection at the supplier site, and coordinates with the supplier to ensure that good lighting is available in the inspection area to optimize video quality and ensure the video is clear and bright.
  • ASR schedules a pre-remote inspection virtual meeting with the supplier point of contact to ensure that the supplier's team is experienced in properly using the remote inspection equipment / software so that inspection activities can be performed effectively and in accordance with the required schedule/timeframe and that supplier deliverables are identified. The inspection schedule and requirements for deliverables / documents, reports and records are identified.
  • ASR coordinates with the supplier point of contact to ensure availability of the supplier's team, as applicable / required, during the duration of the remote inspection. Depending on the scope, multiple supplier team members may be required during remote inspections. ASR coordinates with the supplier to ensure that there is adequate lighting so that video is clear / bright.
  • ASR coordinates with the supplier's team to ensure that remote inspection devices are ready, fully charged and have updated software required for the inspection. It may be necessary to have portable chargers for the devices as the device charge may not last the full inspection cycle.
  • To ensure optimal audio/video communication and prevent delays in transfer time – Wi-Fi should be utilized for communicating with remote inspection smart devices. There may be areas where Wi-Fi is not available or the Wi-Fi signal is weak and therefore cellular connectivity should be available as a back-up.
  • If allowed, audio and video of the inspection process may be recorded or photos / screenshots may be taken by the ASR inspector or provided by the supplier.
  • To ensure that the remote inspection is performed in safe manner, ASR emphasizes to the supplier's team the importance of safety during remote inspections. For example, ASR reminds the supplier point of contact to watch where he/she is going/stepping while using remote inspection smart devices, and to be cautious of trip or fall hazards in the inspection environment.
  • ASR orients the the supplier's point of contact to ensure there is a shared understanding of remote inspection hardware/software functionality and terminology, such as for camera movement – slowly pan or move the device right, left up or down, zoom in or out, etc.

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