ASR is a world-wide provider of construction management and technical support to Government Agencies and commercial clients with over 30 years of experience supporting clients in a variety of construction projects from start to finish with expertise in all phases of construction. We provide strategic and technical advice, and ASR's seasoned management team acts as the owner’s representative for large and complex commercial, government, and civil construction projects nationwide, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget and meet or exceed quality expectations.

ASR’s comprehensive construction management, owner’s representation, design management, and quality engineering services will help take your project from vision to completion while minimizing headaches and maximizing value.

We specialize in managing complex programs in construction management, engineering, supply chain management, maintenance, and quality assurance / quality control services throughout all phases of construction. Focused on representing the best interests of the owner, ASR’s construction managers, quality engineers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and construction management professionals make good projects better.

Our construction management service differentiators include:

  • 1st Class Program Management and Technical expertise – our people are our most-valuable asset.
  • ASR’s senior management / leadership have a long history (since the 1990s) of providing construction management and related professional/engineering support services and ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and meet or exceed quality expectations.
  • Excellent past performance track record of construction management support over 30 years across construction projects comprising a wide range of scopes and magnitudes.
  • ASR has established and maintained an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System since 2001, emphasizing our focus on Quality, Safety, and Customer Satisfaction in our service delivery.
  • ASR's team supporting our customers is highly experienced and includes construction Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with certifications including USACE Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C), EM385-1-1 Construction Safety, ASCE 7, ACI 318-19 (Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete), and LEED certification and commissioning experience.
ASR Construction Management Support Services

ASR’s comprehensive construction management, owner’s representation, design management, and quality engineering services include:

  • Owner's representative services and serving as the customer’s “eyes and ears” on the project site
  • Quality oversight through surveillance inspections, implementing QC programs, review of construction contractor’s QA/QC plans, coordination of inspections of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural systems
  • Site visits/inspection, status/progress reporting, responding to construction contractors
  • Project engineering, planning, scheduling, communications, design assessments, change management, recommendations, construction management oversight, technical support
  • Construction administration, construction reporting, tracking performance/progress, document management, monitoring project schedules/milestones, progress reporting
  • Constructability reviews, budget preparation/reviews, permit/license reviews, determination of appropriate construction methods, recommendations for design improvements
  • Coordination between construction contractors, government representatives, technicians, stakeholders
  • Safety/security compliance, testing compliance, building codes compliance, fire protection, environmental compliance, LEED support, prevention
  • Preparation of cost estimates, budget, and schedules, perform cost and technical price evaluation
  • Participation in final acceptance and testing of building systems, closeout punch list preparation, testing and startup of major systems, investigation/review of damages, accidents, delays, emergencies
  • Evaluation of construction methods and cost-effectiveness
  • Equipment monitoring/control, energy conservation, design and implementation of automation systems
  • Planning and design of interior environments, layout/utilization of furnishings/equipment, space planning, color coordination

ASR Construction Management Project Highlights

ASR has a proven track record of over 30 years in supporting Government and commercial customers with construction management support services. Our distinguished customers include the US Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), NASA, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Health Facility Planning Agency, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, US Department of Defense, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the US Department of the Interior.

Below, we present select project highlights and success stories of ASR's construction management support services.

NAVFAC SE - Kings Bay Dry Dock Recapitalization

ASR was awarded a multi-million dollar task order to support the US Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Southeast (NAVFAC SE) with program management, construction management and quality assurance on the Kings Bay Dry Dock (KBDD) Recapitalization Project at the Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA. This was a new requirement with no incumbent contractor and the Government was placing new COVID restrictions on various facilities. ASR utilized our proven program management and staffing processes to fulfill all positions, provide needed support infrastructure and assets (Internet/WiFi, Laptops, Printers/Scanners, Cellphones, PPE, Vehicles) and ensure an on-time start, even with the COVID-19 outbreak.

ASR's program management, construction management and quality assurance services support a design-bid build recapitalization contract with a cumulative value of $554.4 million that includes major improvements to accommodate Columbia class submarines. The work includes concrete and steel repairs, overhaul and repair of steel caisson, upgrades to power distribution, chilled water and fire detection and alarm systems, re-coating of the superstructure, replacement of the roof, wall panels, and other plumbing and piping, upgrades to the control system, electronic components and the auxiliary seawater system.

NASA - Kennedy Space Center

ASR was awarded the prestigious Kennedy Engineering and Other Professional Services (KEOPS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for engineering, technical, construction, support at the NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC). ASR provides NASA - KSC with engineering and construction services throughout multiple phases of engineering and construction projects including pre-design phase services, design phase services, procurement phase services, construction phase services, and commissioning services.

ASR supports NASA's Kennedy Space Center and NASA facilities on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) with on-site and remote construction and engineering support, including facility systems engineering, construction management and inspection services, cost estimating/analysis, and schedule analysis.

ASR's construction management and engineering support for NASA includes providing professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in areas including Construction Management, Construction Inspection / Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC), Fire Protection Engineering, Controls and Building Automation Systems Engineering, Life Safety Engineering / Architectecture, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Critical Path Method Schedule Analysis, and Cost Analysis.

Naval Facility Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC)

ASR has provided construction management services for multiple customers within the US Navy's Naval Facility Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Southeast (SE) and Northwest (NW), including Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay - GA, Naval Air Station (NAS) Corpus Christi - TX, Naval Base Kitsap - WA, Joint Reserve Base Ft. Worth - TX, Naval Support Activity Panama City - FL, and NAS Mayport - FL. ASR Construction Managers and Construction Engineering Technicians support NAVFAC with construction management support and enforcement of construction contract provisions, specifically quality control and safety requirements. ASR personnel recommend approval of work in accordance with contract terms and have the authority to stop any portion of the construction contractor’s work that poses any imminent danger to personnel, property or equipment.

The ASR Team supported a variety of construction projects for NAVFAC including removal, rebuild, modification, alterations, repairs, reinstalls of Government buildings, steel/concrete structures, security walls/fencing, barriers, excavations, earthwork, roads, grading, and drainage. The ASR team has also been involved with construction of security fencing, gates, turnstiles, bollards, electronic surveillance systems, demolition, rebuilds, concrete and steel structures, excavations, and earthwork.

North Warning System (NWS) and Next-Generation Radar (NEXRAD)

ASR’s senior managers / leadership have a long history (since the 1990s) of providing construction management and related professional / engineering support services. In the 1990s ASR provided construction management services for North Warning System (NWS) and Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line installation sites for a radar system at multiple locations in Northern Alaska and Canada. The North Warning System consists of multiple long-range radars and forms a 2983 mile long and 199 mile wide “tripwire” stretching from Alaska to southern Labrador, and is maintained by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Another example of ASR’s long history of construction management support is the NEXRAD (Next-Generation Radar) program - a national network of high-resolution S-band Doppler Weather radars operated by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The ASR team providing construction management support for NEXRAD carried out audits, inspection, commissioning, surveillance, costing, Installation and Checkout (INCO) at 150 sites across the United States.

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