ASR provides Science and Technology (S&T) and Administrative, Financial and Business support services to several Departments and Divisions within research organizations in the Department of the Navy (DON). ASR provides Science, Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) personnel, as well as deploys Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in multiple disciplines. The services provided by ASR support various aspects of technical, engineering, analytical, programmatic, administrative, financial, and business activities for Naval research organizations.

ASR’s Research, Science & Technology Support areas include:

  • Naval platform design and engineering – surface ship and submarine
  • Naval platform power, energy and propulsion systems
  • Materials
  • Undersea weapons
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Sustainment and logistics – platforms/ weapons/ HM&E systems
  • Advanced technology programs
  • International exchange efforts – within ITAR compliance
  • Planning and execution of Information, Cyber and Spectrum Superiority
  • Education and Workforce (E&W) Programs
  • DON Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Policy
  • Administrative, financial and business activities
ASR Research, Science & Technology Support Areas
ASR's Science & Technology (S&T) and Science, Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) support services

Science, Engineering and Technical Assistance Support

ASR's Science & Technology (S&T) and Science, Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) support services provided to Navy and DoD research organizations include:

  • Deployment of SMEs to support critical technical assessments, engage in special studies to support naval mission requirements, offer expert opinions, generate whitepapers / position papers / review focused studies to justify / validate budget decisions related to S&T program objectives, exploit opportunities to advertise work and seek external buy-in / investment
  • Support for STEM policy formulation and interagency coordination throughout academia, DON/DoD and recommend and implement strategy for developing high-caliber STEM researchers for the Navy and Marine Corps
  • Assessment of the impact of various initiatives, evaluation of S&T portfolios, evaluation of proposals / BAA responses / socialization of new fundamental research programs, new Future Naval Capabilities (FNCs), new Innovative Naval Prototypes (INPs)
  • Analysis of roadmaps, design of timelines / acquisition strategies and alignment of S&T with goals/objectives
  • Preparation of presentations and briefings for high level Navy / Congressional Officials
  • Coordination and management of conferences / meetings / requests for information from OSD, DON, DARPA, and other agencies
  • Drafting of CDRLs, tracking of key-program milestones / deliverables, development of SOPs / spreadsheets / reports / meeting minutes
  • Preparation / coordination / evaluatation of RFIs, RFPs, BAA responses
  • Management of activities and resources and mitigatation of risk across project lifecycle, monitoring of action items, results, progress using Earned Value Measurement (EVM) tools
  • Support of outreach to the Navy community, fleet, universities, coalition partners, various panels, NATO, ang other agencies
  • Support for strategic planning and execution of functions and programs including preparation of speeches, presentations, reviews, reports, responses to Congressional inquiries, etc.
  • Development and execution of program plans/budgets/metrics, data analysis, preparation of reports/ supported grant/ fellowship award decision

Administrative, Business, and Financial Support

ASR's Administrative, Business, and Financial support services provided to Navy and DoD Science & Technology research organizations include:

  • Financial analysis to protect against federal anti-deficiency violations, internal procedural and accounting errors, and other problems associated with sources and usage of funds
  • Tracking of financial, task and planning sheets/action items
  • Preparation of Project Objective Memorandum (POM) budget/ including R-2 Exhibits for Navy S&T Programs
  • Preparation of budgets / special projects / roadmaps / assessment of warfighting payoffs
  • Resolution issues related to ERP WBS funding not meeting financial benchmarks / obligations and/or expenditures across multiple contractors/ performers
  • Studies of administrative and management functions to recommend how to increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Development and maintenance of webpages, Sharepoint and public websites / databases / calendars
  • Support of applications of the following systems/software: Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI); Computer Optimized Batch Reconciliation Application (COBRA); Program Budget Information System (PBIS); Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Defense Travel System (DTS); Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE); Standard Accounting and Reporting System (STARS);Contract Officer Representative Tool (CORT); Document Retrieval System (DRS); Total Workforce Management System (TWMS); Defense Acquisition University (DAU); Joint Personnel Accountability System (JPAS); and DoD Oracle based systems including: Business Intelligence Dashboard; BAA Document Console; Contract and Grant Management Information System (CAMIS); and the Personnel Process Improvement (PPI) Suite
  • Support of outreach to the Navy community, fleet, universities, coalition partners, various panels, NATO, other agencies
ASR's Administrative, Business, and Financial support services for DoD Science and Technology research organizations

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