Prevention and repair of corrosion damage to aircraft and aircraft systems continues to be an ever increasing cost and safety burden for military aircraft. Equipment is routinely exposed to changes in temperature and pressure, varying humidity levels, dust, dirt, ultraviolet light, aircraft fluids, and environments that promote corrosion.

ASR supports our customers’ Corrosion Control Work Centers and Corrosion Control Teams with qualified and skilled professionals trained in the prevention, early detection, reporting, and repair of corrosion damage. ASR Corrosion Maintenance Support professionals perform corrosion maintenance activities on all applicable aircraft components in accordance with requirements, standards, and technical manuals including the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP) and NAVAIR01-1A-509 – Cleaning and Corrosion Control.

ASR's Corrosion Maintenance Support team has Paint Qualified Professionals for Corrosion Control for Paint and Final Finish who are trained / certified in CIN N 701-0014, CIN C 600-3182 in accordance with COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2C and The Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP).

Depot Level Maintenance (D-Level)

For Depot-level Maintenance (D-level), ASR Corrosion Control Maintenance professionals perform maintenance on material requiring a complete rebuild of parts, assemblies, subassemblies and end items, including the fabrication of parts, modification, testing and reclamation as required. Depot-level Maintenance includes sustainment.

Intermediate Level (I-Level) and Organizational Level Maintenance (O-Level)

For the Intermediate level (I-Level) and Organizational level (O-Level), ASR Corrosion Control Maintenance professionals perform scheduled and unscheduled Corrosion Maintenance Support including special inspections, corrosion treatment, corrosion prevention, topcoat maintenance, and environmental seal restoration maintenance in accordance with all applicable sections of the latest Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP) COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2 series.

ASR Depot, Intermediate, Organizational Level Maintenance

ASR's Approach to Corrosion Maintenance Support

Professional Support and Training

  • Deploy skilled ASR Corrosion Maintenance Support professionals trained and qualified in recognizing corrosion, including conditions, detection and identification, cleaning, treating, and preservation
  • Providing trained ASR CDQARs (Collateral Duty Quality Assurance Representatives) and CDIs (Collateral Duty Inspectors)
  • Access to ASR Corrosion Maintenance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with thorough knowledge of corrosion identification techniques
  • Training the ASR Team on Hazardous Material/ Waste Handling, Egress, Safety
  • Training the ASR Team in use of Support Equipment often used for Corrosion Maintenance Support including Portable Nitrogen Carts, NAN Carts, Tow Tractors, Air Compressors
  • Testing, exams, and training of the ASR Paint Team to ensure they are medically qualified and trained to apply Isocyanates Paints using spray, brush, or roller application techniques

Inspection, Identification, and Early Detection

  • Scheduled corrosion inspections
  • Scheduled inspections of preservation compounds
  • Early detection of damaged protective coatings
  • Use of appropriate / applicable materials, equipment, and technical publications / instructions / guidelines
  • Recordkeeping and reporting of material or design deficiencies

Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

  • Aircraft washing at regularly scheduled intervals and routine cleaning of exposed unpainted surfaces
  • Keeping drain holes and passages open and functional
  • Scheduled removals and reapplications of preservation compounds
  • Periodic thorough cleaning, lubrication, and preservation
  • Repair of damaged protective coatings and prompt corrosion treatment after detection

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