ASR provides the full scope of IT Systems Engineering services, ensuring effective development and delivery to our customers through a disciplined and consistent process, balancing risk, cost, schedule, and performance. Our Systems Engineering areas of expertise include technical planning, decision analysis, technical assessment, requirements analysis, definition and management, risk management, configuration management, technical data management, implementation, verification & validation, and transition support.

ASR IT Systems Engineering Services

ASR’s IT Systems Engineering Support Services and areas of expertise include:

  • Technical Planning
  • Decision Analysis
  • Technical Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis, definition, and management
  • Risk Management
  • Technical Data Management
  • Process and Product Development and Improvement
  • System Design and Integration
  • Documentation Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Schedule and cost control
  • Prototype design, development, and evaluation
  • Test plans and procedures and product testing
  • Software development and maintenance
  • Modeling & Simulation studies
  • Technical report preparation
  • Engineering Project Management/Field coordination
  • Configuration Management
  • Engineering Database management
  • Test Program Sets (TPS) development, test and evaluation
  • Standards and Specifications
  • Project Planning
  • Verification & Validation
  • Transition Support

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