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Systems Engineer IV


Full Time, Contract

Agency Name

US Navy


Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia (NSWCPD), Philadelphia, PA

Scope of Work

Naval surface ships require modernization-engineering, life-cycle, and in- service engineering support. This effort is to help ensure readiness and safety criteria is met. The work to be performed includes all activities such as Software development, Software deliveries, Software testing and Hardware. Troubleshooting associated with FLTI, FLTII, FLTIIA, Modernization, HED and Obsolescence Machinery Control Systems, computer program development, testing, equipment harvesting, and installation for ship construction. Tasks include performing systems engineering analysis in order to interface control systems with other new or modified shipboard systems; troubleshooting control systems hardware and software issues at the Land Based Engineering Site (LBES) or Test Facilities in Philadelphia, PA, as well as sustainment and fleet modernization efforts around the world; upgrading the cyber security features of the existing and future control system variants; and addressing obsolete hardware with the most cost effective solutions possible.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Provide software lifecycle support following the NSWCPD System Engineering Process (SEP) with applicable Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards and specifications.
  • Develop new and modified control system computer program modification from detailed requirements. Provide input to software team to develop requirements and desired functionality of the control system.
  • Develop and/or modify computer code in the following languages: C/C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, MATLAB, and Simulink, as well as other related high level programming languages. The contractor will support a range of integrated developer environments including Visual Studio, Netbeans, and .NET Framework.
  • Develop databases such as Microsoft Access and Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Develop software for embedded systems.
  • Develop and/or upgrade machinery plant simulations in order to enhance control system embedded trainer simulation system.
  • Perform Machinery Control Systems Testing and Integration Engineering Services for FLTI, FLTII, FLTIIA, Modernization, HED and Obsolescence.
  • Develop, plan, schedule, and execute test plans and test procedures for individual MCS computer programs and MCS hardware.
  • Document issues, faults, or deficiencies found during software or hardware testing.
  • Provide remote troubleshooting assistance to onsite control system representatives who are supporting ship light off and installation activities.
  • Perform configuration management of control system software and documentation in accordance with the approved SEP Configuration
  • Develop software and hardware installation plans with input from Fleet, Type Commanders, Functional and Platform Program Managers,
  • Planning Yards, Ship Management Representatives (SMR’s), and external supporting commands and technical authorities.
  • Develop, maintain, and configuration manage software and hardware installation procedures, instructions, notices and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Develop Ship Change Documents (SCD) packages for control system deliveries.
  • Provide engineering services that include development and maintenance in support of hardware shipboard installation technical data packages (TDP’s).
  • LBES/Test Facility Equipment Integration Support FLTI, FLTII, FLTIIA, Modernization (Back-Fit) and Obsolescence: The LBES offers cost effective, risk mitigation solutions to test and provide integrated systems for operational effectiveness for DDG 51 Class vessels.
  • Develop software programs for use in test tools and facility infrastructure tools based on customer requirements utilizing Java, C/C++, MATLAB, Simulink, Python, C#, and LabView.
  • FLTI, FLTII, FLTIIA, Modernization, HED and Obsolescence Machinery Control Systems Integration with Other Ship Systems. The contractor shall support MCS integration with the following systems: Electric Plant Systems, Propulsion Plant Systems, Data Multiplex Systems, Bridge and Navigation Systems, Integrated Condition Assessment System (ICAS), Digital Video Surveillance Systems (DVSS), Fuel Control System (FCS), Shipboard Networks, Auxiliary Control Systems, and Local machinery and damage control systems.
  • Improve existing communication interfaces or develop new interfaces between control systems and FLTIIA and FLTIII ship systems.
  • Design human/machine (i.e. GUI’s – primarily in Altia, C++, .NET) and machine/machine interfaces to support the integration of new ship systems.
  • Design and implement test tools (e.g. Sim/Stim, Emulators, Message Pumps) to support software development and integration testing of new ship systems with machinery control systems.
  • Shipboard Troubleshooting, Test, and Installation FLTI, FLTII, FLTIIA, HED and Modernization Ships
  • Perform shipboard software loads on windows computers, VxWorks processors, PLC processors and cards, and circuit level firmware.
  • Repair various shipboard hardware and electronic equipment, such as cable harness wiring, cable harness routing, terminal box wiring, connector pinouts, wire splicing, equipment rack-in and rack-out, and cable terminations.
  • Perform troubleshooting on various electronic equipment such as computer hardware, computer operating systems, computer peripherals, various electronic sensors, terminal box wiring, cable wiring, electronic circuits, contact closure devices, and mechanical/electronic switches.
  • Troubleshoot various Hull Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) equipment to determine impact upon software development and maintenance.
  • Perform both LBES and Shipboard Test Plans. Prepare both LBES and Shipboard Test Reports.

Qualifications Required for the Position

Minimum Education: Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering from an accredited college or university.

Target Experience:
Five (5) years of professional experience within industry as a systems, electrical, and/or electronics engineer, which includes: a) Two (2) years of professional experience within industry acting as a lead engineer b) Three (3) years of professional experience troubleshooting hardware/software systems c) One (1) year of professional experience reading electrical schematics d) One (1) year of professional experience troubleshooting network based systems.

Security Clearance / Background Check required. Your candidacy is subject to customer approval and acceptance.

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ASR EEO Policy

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