One of ASR International Corporation's clients has an upcoming requirement for a Professional / Construction Surveillance Engineer (CSE).

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Professional / Construction Surveillance Engineer (CSE)


Full Time, Contract

Agency Name

NAVFAC Southeast


Naval Air Station Pensacola, Pensacola, FL

Scope of Work

The CSE shall provide management support to the Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC) for construction services such as construction inspection, quality assurance, monitoring safety and environmental compliance and contract administration.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  1. Coordinate requests from Construction Contractor and Client. Coordinate request from the construction Contractor for outage requests, excavation permits, burn permits, haul routes and other similar items. This will require liaison with the ROICC and appropriate base personnel (Security, Public Works, Fire Department). The CSE shall track status of the various requests and anything pending after 3 calendar days shall be investigated and a report made to the ROICC. This service shall be provided continuously as required during the construction period for the construction contract.
  2. Attend Meetings and Conferences. The CSE shall attend meetings and conferences. This task includes attending, taking notes, providing information to the ROICC or the ROICC’s representative at meetings, conferences, and briefings.
  3. Provide Construction Briefings and Reports. The CSE shall conduct construction progress briefings once every week for the Government ROICC Representative. At that time, the CSE shall brief Government personnel on the status of construction as determined by the construction management performed by CSE. In addition to general progress on each construction contract, significant events, problems, starts or completion shall be briefed. The CSE shall provide at this meeting three copies of a Construction Progress report detailing the highlights of the briefing. The report shall be as designated by the Government and may be in any logical format but will list the title and number of each construction contract; percent complete, both actual and scheduled, anticipated completion date, and a brief narrative of progress made during the period reported on as well as significant highlights to include quality, safety, environmental, schedule non-compliance, and pending government actions that may be holding up progress. The progress report for each contract assigned and submitted on the last Friday of the month shall include an estimate of anticipated Work-In-Place (WIP) for the remainder of the fiscal year. The CSE shall also provide informal construction management updates to the Government representatives.
  4. Review of Submittals. When applicable the CSE shall provide review of submittals designated for Government approval. Review shall include reviewing and providing written comments and recommendations, for approval or disapproval, to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) within duration identified for each submittal by ROICC Leadership.
  5. Provide construction schedule review/analysis and notes/comments/recommendations on Progress Schedules and Network Diagrams, Schedule Submittal Requirements, Contractor’s Safety Plan, and CQC Plan.
  6. Monitor construction work for project CQC compliance with the contract and Contractor-submitted plans. The CSE shall monitor the construction work and assure that the quality control management performed by the construction Contractor is adequate to assure that construction complies with contract documents. The CSE shall perform checks of the construction to assure adequacy of the construction Contractor’s quality control program. When necessary to assure contract compliance, the CSE shall visit the construction site when the construction Contractor is working.
  7. Prepare Construction Representative’s Reports and Contract Construction Compliance Notices.
  8. Report instances of non-compliance with safety requirements and monitor compliance with environmental protection requirements.
  9. Monitor materials testing, witness testing of waste, gas, water, electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, elevator, boiler, and energy monitoring control systems.
  10. Review Daily Contractor Quality Control (CQC) Reports and Contractor Production Reports (CPRs).
  11. Assist conducting pre-final inspections and Cost Estimating Services.
  12. The CSE shall take and provide to the Government complete progress, record, and other construction photographs. Construction Photographic Services include Report Progress Photographs, Completion Photographs, and Special Construction Operations Photographs.
  13. The CSE shall monitor and assure construction contractor field maintenance of “as-built” drawings.
  14. The CSE shall perform spot checks for completeness and accuracy of the construction plans and specifications and to determine the constructability of the facility at the beginning and duration of each Phase of Construction.
  15. As part of Constructability Review, the CSE shall review the design plans and specifications to determine the constructability of the facility as detailed in the drawings and specifications.
  16. Complete the closeout checklist in accordance with NAVFAC processes and procedures.

Qualifications Required for the Position

  1. Shall possess a Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following areas: a degree in engineering from an ABET accredited university; a degree in construction management from an ABET or ACCE accredited university; or a degree in architecture from a NAAB accredited university. Certification as a professional engineer is ideal.
  2. A minimum of 7 years of experience as a Construction Manager, Field Engineer, Project Engineer or Quality Control Manager on commercial/industrial type facilities, utility or waterfront related contracts valued in excess of $5 million. Certification as a professional engineer with less years of experience may be accepted.
  3. The Professional CSE must be able to lead a team, and maybe put in leadership positions leading construction management efforts.
  4. Construction technical competencies and qualifications to verify that a specific level of workmanship was obtained.
  5. Knowledge of construction scheduling methods and familiarity with the use of scheduling software, including but not limited to Primavera Suretrak/P3/P6 and Microsoft Project.
  6. Proficiency in computer software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook; Adobe Acrobat Professional; and RS Means/CostWorks.
  7. Average agility and dexterity. CSE will be required to perform duties that involve moderate walking over rough, uneven, or slippery surfaces, recurring bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, climbing ladders, walking up and down several flights of stairs or similar activities, recurring lifting of moderately heavy objects less than 50 lbs. such as testing or measuring equipment, and regular visits to construction sites.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively, concisely, and authoritatively in English both orally and in writing. Experience in preparing correspondence, written reports, and in briefing management personnel.
  9. Experience in developing and maintaining complex, long term, multi-year program construction management activities including submittal and Request for Information (RFI) processing.
  10. Experience and familiarity with Federal building design criteria and construction guide specifications.
  11. Knowledge of construction practices and techniques, e.g., proper applications of construction materials and methods of installation.
  12. Ability to accurately calculate construction costs for changes, price the value of needed work, and provide recommendations for equitable adjustments.
  13. Ability to monitor the preparation of as-built activities of contractors to ensure that those documents are being prepared on an on-going basis. Ability to review contractor submissions of as-built drawings for completeness and accuracy and advise in writing the appropriate Government personnel as to the acceptability of such submissions.
  14. Ability to identify critical and long lead-time materials and recommend procurement strategies to prevent negative impact on quality, cost, and schedule.
  15. Completed the 30 Hour OSHA Construction Training within the past 2 years.
  16. Must hold a certificate in USACE Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors Training (maintain valid 5-year certificate) or obtain certification within 60 days of onboarding.
  17. Possess a current, valid driver’s license issued by a US state or territory.
  18. Provide satisfactory proof of U.S. citizenship.
  19. Ability to successfully clear background checks and security assessments

Security Clearance / Background Check required. Your candidacy is subject to customer approval and acceptance.

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