Supplier Development

 ASR Supplier Development


ASR understands that the Supplier Development Process is a shared quest for ever-increasing product and service quality. From the outset of this process, the objective is to provide customers with the highest quality products and service, on time, and at competitive prices.

ASR’s Supplier Development Process provides successful, quality focused relationships with suppliers, which are key to efficient and effective manufacturing operations. Supplier Development is incorporating business objectives and performance with quality tools. Supplier development follows key strategies, promotes cooperation and collaboration with suppliers and uses problem resolution methods to deal with issues. Key strategic initiatives include:

  • Working with the customer to identify / develop the suppliers as per the customer requirements for the product
  • Work with the customer / supplier on product development
  • Develop an effective procurement process
  • Evaluation of supplier performance against a robust system of measures
  • The total number of suppliers of a particular commodity can be reduced to meet the customer business objectives
  • A philosophy of “win-win” is embraced with suppliers that support the customer delivery process. This facilitates the process of suppliers providing superior products who, in turn, are rewarded with more business
  • Supplier Quality Improvement

ASR’s Supplier Development Process includes:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Optimized utilization of resources
  • Objective knowledge of supplier performance in critical areas such as quality, technology, responsiveness, and cost
  • Pre-award surveys and audits of supplier facilities worldwide that enhance supply chain management effectiveness
  • Production surveillance and process reviews at supplier facilities worldwide
  • Resident Quality Assurance representatives
  • Review of process documentation and acceptance of test procedures
  • Development of quality systems and acceptance procedures that conform to customer requirements
  • Establishing inspection sampling levels
  • Establishing calibration tool standards and control procedures
  • Monitoring of shipping activities to insure quality of packaging, marking and handling
  • Development and control of corrective action plans and their implementation
  • Audits of quality, manufacturing and testing plans
  • Process improvement
  • Supplier certification for self-release of material / products
  • Systems Test and Evaluation
  • Software Test and Quality Assurance

ASR provides in-depth hands-on representation at supplier and sub-tier supplier facilities to support the customer needs during all stages of the product lifecycle:

  • Management
  • Design and Development
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Manufacturing capability
  • Production Basics
    • Verifying that a complete first article inspection to the latest drawing issue has been performed and is available
    • Verifying inspection equipment calibration status
    • Verifying final inspection records comply with specification requirements
    • Verifying that no changes have been made to production processes
    • Verifying final inspection is independent of ‘In Process’ Gauging and Inspection
    • Management of non-conformance product and processes
    • Checking handling procedures
    • Labeling and documentation control
    • Component packaging / consignment / identification / verification


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