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 Business Model  

ASR’s patent pending business model to support the transportation industry is to be a one-stop full service company  providing quality assurance / inspection  / regulatory compliance services to the Transportation Industry in all the geographic regions of the US with  experienced, qualified and trained local professionals, close to the place of performance.

  • ASR’s focus is on meeting our customer requirements and schedules.
  • ASR provides its staff with the best tools in automation and instills a culture of process improvement.
  • Regular training is provided to the field team of inspectors (as per the requirements and guidelines of 49 CFR, DTR, FMCSA, CVSA, Military Bus Agreement) so that the customers receive exceptional service.
  • A national infrastructure of inspection personnel located strategically close to the work assignments resulting in effective cost saving in travel and per-diem expenses.
  • ASR’s niche in the quality assurance arena has always been the availability of highly qualified professional inspection personnel located close to the  work assignment.
  • Multiple inspectors are available in areas of high concentration of customer activities to respond quickly to customer requirements.
  • Adequate backup resources so that service delivery is not affected in the event of unscheduled absences of the deployed staff.
  • Proven processes ensure that customer’s surge requirements  are met promptly and efficiently.
  • Web enabled, secured (PKI, HTTPS) systems  for project management and reporting.
  • 24X7 support.
  • Robust infrastructure of security cleared professionals in all 50 states of USA.

ASR’s secure web reporting capability allows customers to easily communicate and share strategic data over the Internet. ASR’s web reporting capability provides powerful, integrated query and analysis functionality through a web browser, combining todays ubiquitous, cost-effective electronic communication method with easy to use point and click reporting. This results in a robust, scalable reporting system that makes information instantly available to any authorized user in the most appropriate format.

  • ASR’s secure web reporting capability is a high-powered secured reporting engine designed to meet a wide range of enterprise information needs.
  • ASR allows organizations to access data available in our database of contract requirements and results.
  • ASR’s purpose is to provide both summarized and detailed data for reporting purposes.
    • The data will be displayed in report form
    • Data can be downloaded directly to a customer PC for further viewing

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