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ASR leverages its robust processes and systems, developed over 25 years, to cost-effectively and efficiently perform on Government contracts. ASR professionals and technical experts are well versed in solving problems in the complex environment of government (federal and state) contracting, with emphasis on safety, security and on-time delivery of services.

ASR provides a full range of cost-effective QA, QC, Engineering, Supply Chain Management,  Warehouse Management, Project Management, Program Management, Training, Aircraft Maintenance, IT and Technical Support Services to US Government and State Agencies (DoD-SDDC, USTRANSCOM, VA, GSA, USAINSCOM, NAVSUP FLC, NAVSEALOGCEN, SPAWAR, 2DMAW, NAVFAC, FRCSE, WRNMMC, USMC,  Department of Navy,  US Army, NYCTA, DHS, MTA, LIRR, Metro-North Railroad, NYPA, etc.).

ASR is experienced in the SCA (McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act) wage determination, conformance and compliance procedures. This expertise avoids any contract risk associated with incorrect conformance or SCA noncompliance issues.

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ASR Government Support Services

Supply Chain Management / Logistics Systems Experience

ASR’s team has extensive experience in providing Operating Materials and Supplies support (OM&S) services at Government facilities – warehouses, installations, bases, etc.  Our team’s expertise includes N-ERP which is an end-to-end business management system that standardizes Navy business practices in Supply Chain (SCM) and Financial Management. It integrates all major functions involving Financial Management, Logistics, Acquisitions, Workforce Management, and Special Projects. ASR’s team submits with detailed information which includes but not limited to:

  • Receipts processed,
  • Stows completed,
  • Number Project Stock Issues,
  • Number Plant stock issues,
  • Number of Bin to Bin movements,
  • Number of plant/project transfers,
  • Number of scrap/ disposal movements,
  • Receipts w/o stow,
  • Number SPOT inventories completed,
  • Completed scheduled inventory,
  • Number location audits conducted,
  • Number of expiring shelf-life items,
  • Number of items identified for disposal,
  • Number of Kits built,
  • Number of items shipped to other activities,
  • Posted Change Notices.

The ASR team provides information / data / reports to support Financial Audit Readiness (FIAR).

The ASR Team is well versed in ALMSS (Automated Logistics Management Support Systems) including DoD supply chain management with international support, and procuring DoD materials with cyber-security implications, The Team’s expertise includes:

  • Stock control and distribution for both national stock number and part number peculiar items
  • Processing of receipts, inspection, inventory, shipments, transportation, serialized item control, special item handling
  • Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO), file maintenance
  • Financial management, authorizations
  • Readiness Based Levels (RBLs), purchase requests, work orders, automated document control
  • Direct shipments, bonded stock
  • Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE), asset tracking
  • Total asset visibility, bar coding
  • Item Unique Identification (IUID)
  • Recoverable Assembly Management Processing
  • Support for Defense Reutilization Marketing Organization
  • In-transit inbound and outbound tracking
  • Mission Capable (MICAP) tracking
  • SURGE reporting
  • Critical item management
  • End-of-year processing and report generation

Industrial Engineering, Production Planning, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauling Support

ASR provides Industrial Engineering, Production Planning, Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling Support Services. ASR’s team of Aerospace / Electrical / Mechanical / Industrial Engineers, Industrial Engineering Technicians, Engineering Material Technicians, CAD/CAM specialist and Industrial Specialists support various aircraft, engines, manufacturing and component overhaul and rework program, production process for the complete overhaul, repair and major modification of Department of Defense aircraft, engines and components. ASR’s professionals provide engineering guidance and technical assistance on electrical/ electronic/ software issues related to manufacturing systems and equipment, analyze, investigate, and resolve problems pertaining to the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of  systems. ASR Team Members prepare evaluation reports, make recommendations for inclusion in overall system evaluation reports. They plan and carry out electrical/electronic/software designs, design modifications, and applications of in-service plant test and manufacturing systems and equipment. ASR professionals develop project plans, milestone charts, and project cost estimates, schedule engineering, production, maintenance activities, track project progress and status reviews and work on technical engineering problems.

ASR provides Technical Evaluation support services for design and construction projects with reports of findings and recommendation and Project Management activities including reports on issues and their resolution, corrective actions and other activities.

We develop and deploy preventative maintenance programs for all utility infrastructures, and execute active preventative maintenance program management using systems such as MAXIMO, and provide technical assistance.

Our team works on several aircraft such as C130, F18, P3, H60, T44, T34, T6, F/A-18, E-6, EA-6b; and jet engines such as TF34, 414A, 404, and repair components for multiple platforms.

We work with Depot Maintenance System which  forecast workloads, schedule repair activities, track and control inventories, program staffing, materials, resources, track and manage production costs for D-level maintenance repair facility. eCAM (electronic Continual Analysis and Metrics) is used to document nonconformances, investigations, corrective and preventive actions and root cause analysis.

ASR’s Team is knowledgeable and well-versed in systems such as  Depot Maintenance System (NDMS) and MRP II, Make To Order (MTO), Inventory Management Stock Positioning (IMSP), Gross Demand Plan (GDP), Document Management Workflow Center of Excellence (eCam, DMWF COE), Router Improvement Investigation Request (RIIR), Corporate Reporting Systems (CRS) for reports such as in process, dispatch, serial numbers, shop labor and efficiency, Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) for moving, tracking, viewing and clocking work order status, and Material Master Record (MMR).

Engineering Support Services (ESS)

ASR’s  Engineering Support Services (ESS) include engineering and technical support functions for various types of aircraft and associated aircraft components and programs, Armament Aircraft Equipment and Aerial Refueling Stores, CASS, Electro-Optics, Electronic-Warfare, Foreign Military Sales, Metrology and the various engines, structures, components and support systems associated with these and other weapon systems.

 Our services include:

  • Engineering Change Proposal Management
  • Data Preparation and Management
  • Progress, Status, and Management Reports
  • Presentation Materials preparation
  • Technical Directive (TD) preparation
  • Operations Security (OPSEC) Plan development and deployment
  • Developmental Drawings/Models and Associated Lists
  • Total Case Incident Rate and Days Away Restricted Time (TCIR/DART) reports
  • Development of Software Product Specification (SPS)
  • Detailed Engineering Support Requirements
  • Engineering Investigations, Hazard Material Report and Quality Deficiency Reports
  • System Installation and Maintenance Technical Assistance
  • Reliability and Affordable Readiness Tasks
  • Engineering Analyses
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Technical Writing/Editing Tasks
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Reliability and Affordable Readiness (RAAT) Defect Analysis
  • Integrated Maintenance Plans
  • Technical Manual Source Data
  • Analyses and Technical Studies
  • Product Deficiency Reports
  • On-site Production Support
  • Cybersecurity and Personnel Security Requirements for Accessing Government Information Technology (IT) Systems

Accounting Support

Review, verification, and validation of invoices and statements, preparation of budget reports for senior management, analyze and reconcile balance reports, and provide guidance for handling of unusual or non-recurring transactions in compliance with customer guidelines.

Adjudication / Security Support Services/ Records Management/ITAR Compliance

Project management, training, security threat assessment, application of the provisions of the governing directives and regulations, including US Code 986, Executive Orders 12968, 13381, 12829, 10865, 10450, Patriot Act, HSPD 12, Title 49 CFR, ICD 704, IRTPA – 2004, and DoD Directive 5220.6.

Security administrative assistance for preparing reports and investigative packets, maintaining personnel security records, maintenance of counterintelligence files, implementation of Information Security Programs. Data entry into systems such as DCII, JPAS, FDD, CASELOG, FOIA EXPRESS.

Aviation Support Equipment Maintainer Support

Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on aviation support equipment, aviation armament handling equipment, aviation mobile firefighting units, material handling equipment, hoisting and lifting devices, and associated components and systems; service, inspect, test, troubleshoot, and repair gasoline and diesel engine systems, transmission systems, hydraulic, hydrostatic, and pneumatic systems, steering and suspension systems, cryogenic systems, electrical systems, gas turbine compressor units, electrical and hydraulic power generating equipment, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, manage support equipment assets at different command levels.

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Project Management / Coordination/Transition Planning

Manage and coordinate BRAC technical team.  Tasks involve coordination of construction and renovation projects, complex hospital systems, environmental control systems, emergency power systems, life support systems, and other areas impacting patient care and research. ASR team provides planning programming, project management, collateral equipment specification, procurement and transition planning services.

Transition planning consists of myriad process, tactical and operational tasks all designed to ensure a positive end-state-a  successful move of patients, staff, furnishings and equipment to the receiving facilities, with no diminished in the continuity of  care. Transition planning is an interdisciplinary collaborative endeavor encompassing all processes, and providing a structure  to identify physical move and operational requirements and inter-dependencies, thereby assuring smooth functioning in the new environment.

Construction Site Management / QA Support Services

Develop and recommend programs for the acquisition of leaseholds, easements, permits, land exchanges, and licenses from both private land owners and government agencies. Researches and interprets legal documents such as deeds and abstracts of titles. Participate in site selection surveys and assist in obtaining right of entry. Individual will assign the rights of both government and private property for temporary use; provide real property statistic and recommendations concerning the utilization, development and disposal programs of real property to the Construction Facilities Management Officer.

Plan, direct, organize and exercise oversight, quality assurance and coordination control over Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Projects that are under construction.


Apply engineering principles to investigate, analyze, plan, design, develop, implement, test, or evaluate projects within the engineering discipline. Review and prepare engineering and technical analyses, reports, and other technical documentation. Design, develop, and review such elements as schematics, systems, equipment fixtures and other technical requirements. Determine requirements and technical specifications for modification and or purchase of new plant equipment; provide written justification based on determination documenting current and projected workload posture, manpower availability, and space utilization. Review, update, and develop work plans and routing sequence operations within the current Production Control System, i.e. MRPII. Incorporate Airspeed/6 Sigma methodology and resource kitting information into the Work Plans and Routers.

Information Technology /Technology Insertion

Managing, defining, developing, implementing, operating and maintaining information systems, programming, modeling, simulation, web enabled applications, legacy migration,  visualization dash board, mobile computing, web site development and maintenance / enhancement, requirement gathering, SDLC deployment,  RFQ / RFP development / review. Web enabled systems for project tracking / management / reporting, custom system development.

Maintenance systems

Provide coordination support services for engineering and maintenance systems at medical and dental facilities, technical and research laboratories, industrial facilities, and office buildings.

Medical Logistician

Medical supply equipment procurement.

Property and Material Management Support Services

Provide property and material management support services for the handling and moving of physical assets, supply items, equipment, material (metal, cardboard boxes, recyclable material, and broken items) and plant account property for furniture, classified material and safes.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Inspection, process improvement, audit, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, QA processes for fulfillment / distribution / warehousing / transportation. Development and deployment of Quality Control Plan (QCP), Project Quality Management Plan, Inspection Plan, Surveillance Plan and training – web based, on-line, classroom, one-on-one.

Recycling / Environmental Program Support Services

Perform various assignments required for coordination of Environmental Management Recycling Program such as cleaning and preventive maintenance of equipment and facilities, servicing recycle containers, sorting recyclable materials, etc.  Evaluate disposal documentation for correctness. Provide guidance and directions regarding appropriate disposal of solid wastes, correct turn-in procedures for demil items, construction and demolition of debris, segregation of comingled and or material solid / waste.

Regulatory Compliance Inspections Surveillance and Security

Provide compliance inspection of carrier’s corporate headquarters, terminals, facilities, yards, equipment (buses, cargo carriers) and intransit operating procedures (49CFR), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSA) compliance, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), DoD 4500.9R. In-transit surveillance, Standards of Service and Safety (SSS).

Industrial Sheet Metal Maintenance Support Services

Sheet-metal industrial maintenance support services in accordance with the operational objectives of the Maintenance Department, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE)  Jacksonville FL. The ASR team works from drawings, sketches, blueprints, repair manuals,  specifications and blueprints. Items include MIG welding (GMAW), TIG welding (GTAW), Stickwelding (SMAW) and finished parts such as jet engine thrust beds, engine test and support stands, sound attenuating panels, air distortion rigs, combustion air exhaust ducts and supports.

Staffing Services / Talent Acquisition Management

IT, technical, administrative, audit, inspection, engineering support, help desk, call center / customer interaction support, telecommunication operations support, warehousing, project managers, adjudicators, coordinators, SCM experts, auditors, supply technicians, warehouse specialists, QA / QC clerks/inspectors, technical writers, schedulers, cost engineers, EVM experts, SW QA, adjudicators, FOIA support, Security Administrative Assistants.

Supplier Development & Compliance

Audits, quality management system, Lean Six Sigma, inspection, surveillance, NCR, corrective actions, best practices, training records.

Supplier Oversight

Source inspection, first article testing, surveillance, expediting, testing witnessing, NDE / NDT witnessing, data management and analysis.

Supply Chain Management / Warehouse Management Support Services

Fulfillment, kitting, distribution, warehousing, incoming inspection, warehouse relocation, inventory control, system deployment, inventory verification, shipping, packaging, staging, stowing, records management, data entry, management and analysis, technology insertion.

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