Construction Management

ASR Construction

ASR provides the following  construction support services:

  • Constructability review,  review of vendor certificates, recertification process, logistics, expediting, right of way, logistics, construction management
  • Records management  -Quality records, closeout records, change management
  • Inspection, QA / QC, testing, verification requirements, work instructions,  checklists,
  • Audit of contractor QA / QC / QMS, surveillance plan, site  surveys
  • Compliance / Verification / Review
  • Contract / requirements versus deliveries, cost and schedule support, compliance with company/international standards
  • Valuation, due diligence, work plans and work packages
  • Verification with contractor schedule and progress, time and budget / cost overrun, estimation guidelines, EVA
  • Contractor provided documentation, reports, drawings – as built/as installed/as contracted
  • Data/document/information transfer from the contractor, fabricator, subcontractor to the project team
  • Compliance with local/international codes and standards, contractual agreement, specifications, designs
  • Calibration Records
  • Contractor employees training /certification records – CWI, NACE, ASNT, ACI
  • Incident  investigation, training, follow-up, emergency procedures, contingency control
  • Manpower utilization plan, resource management, material / inventory review
  • Vendor engineering deliverables,  receiving inspection / inventory verification, material control
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